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Crankcase bearing engine 2stroke
Crankcase bearing engine 2stroke
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Stickers Kit XX ONE 150cc
Stickers Kit XX ONE 150cc
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€35,14 [TaxInc]
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Sales conditions


These general sales conditions (hereinafter referred to as “general conditions”) govern the sales modes and conditions for the products marketed (hereinafter referred to as “products”) by TRAVELER S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as TRAVELER S.r.l.). All agreements concerning the products sold by TRAVELER S.r.l. to third parties are governed by these general conditions, which form an integral and essential part of each proposal, order and confirmation of purchase orders regarding such products.




1.1 The prices published by TRAVELER S.r.l. for its products invalidate and replace any previous price indications and are subject to the actual availability of products. TRAVELER S.r.l. reserves the right to confirm or modify the product prices published in its website upon confirmation of the order by the Customer.

1.2 The product technical and functional features published by TRAVELER S.r.l. in its communications are provided by the respective manufacturers. TRAVELER S.r.l. is not accountable for the truthfulness and comprehensiveness of such information. Product images are indicative only and not binding.

1.3 Products are not available for a trial period. Notwithstanding any indications provided by TRAVELER S.r.l. on the product features, the Customer is responsible for his/her choice of products and making sure that the specifications given by the relevant manufacturer respond and meet his/her needs.




2.1 All purchase orders submitted to TRAVELER S.r.l. shall be completed in all their parts and contain all elements required to identify the products ordered correctly. Each order submitted to TRAVELER S.r.l. is an agreement proposal by the Customer and, as such, only binds TRAVELER S.r.l. if the latter confirms its acceptance. The processing of the order by TRAVELER S.r.l. in considered a confirmation and acceptance of the order itself.

2.2 TRAVELER S.r.l. reserves the right not to accept order forms if they were not comprehensively or duly filled out. Should TRAVELER S.r.l. not be able to process an order because the products ordered by the Customer are not available, TRAVELER S.r.l. shall swiftly inform the Customer. In this case, the Customer is not entitled to reimbursements, indemnities or compensations of any sort.

2.3 The tax documentation regarding products shall be issued by TRAVELER S.r.l. upon dispatch of the order to the Customer. If the Customer holds a VAT number and wishes to receive an invoice to his/her name, he/she shall request that in the order form.




3.1 Product delivery expenses fall upon the Customer. Deliveries are by express courier. Products shall only be delivered if the Customer pays the corresponding amount COD.

3.2 The delivery terms provided by TRAVELER S.r.l. apply to the products stored in its warehouses. Though being carefully drafted, they are not binding for TRAVELER S.r.l. The latter is entitled to confirm or modify them at a later stage, depending on its needs.

3.4 TRAVELER S.r.l. may deliver products (including within the same order) in more than one dispatch.

3.5 Special delivery terms and conditions shall be preliminarily agreed upon between the Customer and TRAVELER S.r.l. and accepted by the latter in writing.




4.1 TRAVELER S.r.l. is solely accountable for the physical integrity of products upon delivery, which is hereinafter referred to as the “TRAVELER S.r.l. Guarantee”. Any faults covered by the TRAVELER S.r.l. Guarantee must be reported by the Customer within no later than 10 (ten) days since delivery, under penalty of expiration. If the TRAVELER S.r.l. Guarantee is applicable, the Customer is only entitled to the replacement of damaged products once he/she has returned them. Compensations for damage of any sort, including further damage, are not foreseen.

4.2 TRAVELER S.r.l. does not provide guarantees on the compatibility of its products with other products or equipment used by the Customer, or the suitability of products for the specific use envisaged by the Customer


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